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When a large number of your teeth are missing, the function and appearance of your original teeth need to be restored with artificial teeth. In modern times, there are new ways to do this, such as implants. The traditional method for fixing missing teeth is dentures. Today, new, more natural-looking materials are used for dental dentures, and the design has steadily improved. You can expect your dentures to provide comfort when talking and chewing.

If you've experienced issues with ill-fitting dentures or are proactively planning for the future to avoid such concerns, you may be seeking a solution. Inquire about implant-supported dentures if this is the case. These dentures securely attach to titanium screws (implants) surgically placed directly into the jawbone. This technique is suitable for both upper and lower dentures, contributing to improvements in your smile, speech, and chewing ability.


We will advise you as to which particular system of dentures would be best in your case, taking into consideration health, convenience, and cost.

All categories of dentures rely on support from the existing teeth and/or the structures of the mouth's bones and tissues. As time passes, changes can occur, leading to a potential loss of proper fit for your dentures. You might have observed a gradual decrease in comfort or fit as the years go by.

If you've been using dentures for several years and are considering replacement, inquire about the recent advancements in design and materials. Upgrades in these aspects can lead to a better fit, enhancing your overall appearance and making daily life more enjoyable. After all, whether natural or artificial, your teeth accompany you consistently.


- Full traditional dentures, which encompass a complete set of upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.

- A partial denture featuring a gum-colored hard or soft base with a limited number of artificial teeth attached.

- An over-denture, which is made to fit over a small number of remaining teeth

- Implant dentures, which are partial or full dentures anchored to small titanium posts, which have been surgically set into the jawbone. They may be made removable, for ease of cleaning

- Immediate dentures, especially suitable for those leading an active lifestyle, ensuring they don't go without teeth during the transition period. Fabricated from impressions taken pre-extraction, they are delivered at the time of surgery or extraction. These dentures may require frequent relining to accommodate changes in the shape of healing bone tissue over time.

Fixed partial dental dentures (another name for a dental bridge) are not removable by the patient, since they are bonded to crowned teeth on either side of the false tooth or teeth.